Product Introduction

Hydraulic Filter Element Replacement LH0330D020BN3HC
Product Introduction

The filter element LH0330D020BN3HC is installed in the double cylinder medium pressure filter, which is used to filter the metal rust, particulate impurities, etc. in the hydraulic oil, so as to keep the oil pollution within the specified range and make the hydraulic system operate normally and achieve the predetermined efficiency.

The filter element adopts high-efficiency filter material to ensure the cleanliness of the system, and has the characteristics of direct filtration, uniform and stable precision. There are two filter elements, one for backup and one for use, so it has the characteristics of easy installation and replacement, high efficiency and long service life.

Product Display

Hydraulic Filter Element Replacement LH0330D020BN3HC
Hydraulic Filter Element Replacement LH0330D020BN3HC

Hydraulic Filter Element Replacement LH0330D020BN3HC
Hydraulic Filter Element Replacement LH0330D020BN3HC

Technical Specification

Brand: Yoyik
Filtering precision: 20 microns

Filter material: glass fiber
Pressure: high-pressure pressure pipeline
Installation position: vertical installation
Temperature range: - 0 ℃ -+90 ℃
Structure: folding
Filtering efficiency: 99.5%
Working medium: general hydraulic oil, phosphate ester hydraulic oil, emulsion, water glycol, etc

Requirement of Oil Filter Element LH0330D020BN3HC

The precision and size parameters must be guaranteed to realize the good filtering effect of the filter element.
The compression resistance of the filter material shall meet the needs of the environment and shall not be broken in the high-pressure environment.
The filter element framework and end cover are made of stainless steel with good compression resistance to ensure the stability of the filter element structure.

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