Product Introduction

RPM Rotary Magnetic Sensor Rotational Speed Sensor ZS-04
Product Introduction

ZS-04 electromagnetic rotational speed sensor is a general-purpose speed sensor that uses non-contact measurement method to measure the speed of magnetically conductive objects. It is cost-effective and widely used.

Structure: The shell is a closed stainless steel threaded structure. The core is sealed and is resistant to impact and vibration. The lead wire is a special metal shielded flexible wire with strong anti-interference performance.

Product Display

RPM Rotary Magnetic Sensor Rotational Speed Sensor ZS-04
RPM Rotary Magnetic Sensor Rotational Speed Sensor ZS-04

RPM Rotary Magnetic Sensor Rotational Speed Sensor ZS-04
RPM Rotary Magnetic Sensor Rotational Speed Sensor ZS-04

Features of Rotational Speed Sensor ZS-04

1. Non-contact measurement, no contact or wear of the rotating parts under test.
2. Using the principle of magnetoelectric induction, no external power supply is required, the output signal is large, no amplification is required, and the anti-interference performance is good.
3. It adopts integrated structure, which is simple and reliable, and has high anti-vibration and anti-shock characteristics.
4. The working environment has a wide temperature range and is suitable for harsh industrial environments, such as smoke, oil and gas, water and gas environments.

Working Principle

The sensor adopts the principle of electromagnetic induction. By measuring the frequency of the speed measuring gear or Keyphasor, the rotating speed signal of the rotating parts of the rotating machinery is converted into the corresponding electric pulse signal for the speed measurement of electronic equipment.

Regular Types of Rotational Speed Sensor ZS-04


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