The Things To Consider When Using Mica Tape 5440-1 For Motor Windings

June 07, 2022
The Things To Consider When Using Mica Tape 5440-1 For Motor Windings

Yoyik® 5440-1 mica tape has excellent curing characteristics. It has been applied in large-scale high-voltage generators such as F-class medium-sized high-voltage motors and hydro generators with good results.


When it is used to make motor coil, the range of pressing process is wide, and the requirements for pressing conditions are not harsh. Various traditional molding processes of mica tapes can be used, such as hydroforming, full molding and molding semi-curing. When using the molding process, the timing of the pressure should be grasped and the amount of glue flowing should be properly controlled.


When using this mica tape to wrap the winding, it is recommended that the speed of the wrapping machine be lower than 200 rpm.


The pre-baking temperature of the winding wrapped with the mica tape is generally 80-90°C.


When the mica tape is used together with the epoxy impregnating resin for the insulation of the stator coil of the high-voltage motor, it will directly enter the oven at about 110°C after impregnation. After holding for 2 to 3 hours, the temperature was raised to the predetermined holding temperature at a rate of 10°C/h.

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