Significance of Thermal Expansion Monitoring of Steam Turbine Casing

November 03, 2022
Significance of Thermal Expansion Monitoring of Steam Turbine Casing

In the TSI system of the steam turbine, the thermal expansion of the turbing casing is a very important monitoring item. Usually the turbine rear bracket or casing rear is fixed, while the casing front is not fixed and slides on the front bearing housing. Therefore, when the steam turbine is subjected to high temperature, the casing is thermally expanded and displaced.

The casing may be deformed or warped due to uneven expansion, resulting in internal damage and even major vicious accidents. Monitoring the casing thermal expansion value, combined with the expansion difference between the casing and the rotor, can effectively prevent the friction between the rotating part and the stationary part and avoid major accidents.

Thermal Expansion Monitoring Equipment

Thermal expansion monitoring generally monitors the difference in casing expansion caused by heating during startup, operation and shutdown of the steam turbine through special measuring instruments.

The thermal expansion monitoring equipment commonly used in steam turbine units is a dual-channel thermal expansion monitor DF9032 MaxA, fixed to the turbine rack by mounting brackets. The monitor includes configuration software, and uses 4-20ma current output to the DCS system as a display, which can display, record and output values, and has an alarm function to prompt the operator to take measures as soon as possible.

thermal expansion monitor DF9032 MaxA

The DF9032 MaxA monitor needs to collect voltage in using. This is a very critical step, which directly affects the accuracy of turbine casing expansion measurement after unit startup.

The thermal expansion monitor is used together with the thermal expansion sensor TD-2 to continuously measure the thermal expansion value of the cylinder locally. The range of thermal expansion sensor is 0-35mm, 0-50mm and 0-80mm. There are also special units that use sensors with custom ranges.

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