Oil Filter QTL-6021A: Classic Element Used for Steam Turbine EH Fire-Resistant Oil

September 08, 2022
Oil Filter QTL-6021A: Classic Element Used for Steam Turbine EH Fire-Resistant Oil

In the power plant, the steam turbine governor system, electro-hydraulic control system, and high / medium actuators all need EH fire-resistant oil to lubricate them for operation. Like most lubricants in industrial applications, fire-resistant oil should be kept clean, cool and dry. The oxidation stability and thermal stability of different types of oil are very different, so it must be noted that the temperature of the storage environment of fire-resistant oil should be kept within an acceptable range.


If there are pollutants in the connection between the fire-resistant oil system and the outside, it is easy to enter the system. These pollutants will not only damage the function of the equipment, but also change the flame resistance of the oil. Generally, the fire-resistant oil needs to regularly monitor the abnormal pollution degree of base oil and additives, abnormal water concentration, acid value fluctuation, wear debris or other changes in physical or chemical properties.


High quality fire-resistant oil filter element is very important to maintain the service life of the system, especially the important valves, actuator seals and oil pumps in the system. If the filter element does not play its due role in pollution control, it will do great harm to the whole system and get risks for the safe production of the power plant.


Features of High-Quality Fire-Resistant Oil Filter Element:

1. Thickened end cover framework is selected, with strong compressive capacity

2. Uniform wave folding, sufficient fold number, sufficient fold height and large filtering area

3. High quality glass fiber is selected, which has large pollution capacity and good demulsification effect

4. Acid and alkali corrosion resistance, high temperature resistance and strong oil permeability


Some regular used EH oil filter elements in power plant:

Diatomite filter element of regeneration unit 30-150-207

Outlet filter element of oil pump DQ8302GA10H3.5C

Precision filter element of regeneration unit SH-006

Fire resistant oil pump outlet filter QTL-6027

Oil filter element of Actuator ZTJ300-00-07

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