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Pressure Relief Valve 3.5A25

Pressure Relief Valve 3.5A25, also called as Safety Valve, is an economical and compact high-pressure safety valve with excellent set pressure control. It is driven by the static pressure of the medium in front of the valve. When the pressure exceeds the opening force, it opens proportionally. The valve can be sealed within a small range of the set pressure, and its sealing can be ensured even after repeated venting. It is used in the hydrogen equipment to ensure that the hydrogen pipeline system will not have accidents due to excessive pressure.

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Pressure Relief Valve 3.5A25
Pressure Relief Valve 3.5A25

Pressure Relief Valve 3.5A25
Pressure Relief Valve 3.5A25


It is reliable choice for hydrogen pipeline of steam turbine generators in power plant. It can also be used on any gas pipelines for pressure control.

Structure of Pressure Relief Valve 3.5A25

Valve body: copper
Stem: copper
Spring: spring steel
Sealing surface: silicone
Joint: copper

Precaution of Installing and Using

The installation position shall be as close to the protected equipment or pipeline as possible, and the support shall be stable.
The pressure relief valve shall be installed at a place easy for maintenance and adjustment, with enough space around.
It shall be set at a place where the fluid pressure is relatively stable and there is a certain distance from the fluctuation source, and it cannot be installed at the dead corner of the horizontal pipeline.
The valve shall not be subjected to excessive back pressure, which shall be within the specified allowable range.

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