Steam Turbine LVDT Displacement Sensor 2000TD Installation & Use FAQs

November 21, 2022
Steam Turbine LVDT Displacement Sensor 2000TD Installation & Use FAQs

The LVDT displacement sensor TD series, such as model 2000TD, is a commonly used sensor for measuring valve displacement in power plant steam turbine, which can realize automatic monitoring and control of displacement. When installing or using LVDT displacement sensor 2000TD, there are some failures and various problems will inevitably occur. Here are some common situations:

Steam Turbine LVDT Displacement Sensor 2000TD Installation & Use FAQs

Incorrect Sensor Parameter Display

This is mostly due to inaccurate positioning. The sensor can be taken out and repositioned to adjust the installation position. If it does not work, recheck the installation and wiring details.

Abnormal Output of LVDT Displacement Sensor

Abnormal output is usually caused by problems such as magnetic ring falling off, insufficient power supply, unstable wiring, unstable installation, and blind working area. First, adjust the sensor installation. If it does not work, check the magnetic ring, power supply, wire, wiring, etc.

Steam Turbine LVDT Displacement Sensor 2000TD Installation & Use FAQs

LVDT Sensor Installation Precautions

  • · When installing LVDT displacement sensor, try to ensure that the iron core moves in a straight line, and there is no wear with the inner wall of the coil. Carry out a full stroke sliding inspection. Note the zero position and check the LVDT output linearity.

  • · Pay attention to whether there is a magnetic field around and keep it as far away as possible.

  • · Check that the connection and fixing parts of universal joint connectors and LVDT components are firm, and eliminate the factors such as uneven expansion between the control valve and LVDT, vibration of the control valve, and incorrect fixing of the iron core.

  • · When connecting, note that the three wires of the sensor must be connected correctly. The power and output cannot be exchanged. If the wires are connected incorrectly, there will be a large linear error, poor control accuracy, and display jitter.

  • Steam Turbine LVDT Displacement Sensor 2000TD Installation & Use FAQs

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