Importance of Reverse Rotation Speed Sensor CS-3F for Boiler Feed Water Pump

October 13, 2022
Importance of Reverse Rotation Speed Sensor CS-3F for Boiler Feed Water Pump

The reverse rotation of boiler feed water pump is easy to occur in the process of unit startup and shutdown (including tripping) for water supply mode switching. When the outlet pressure of the operating feed water pump is higher than the outlet pressure, the outlet valve of the feed water pump is open. Because the outlet check valve is jammed and not closed tightly, the feed water pump reverses.

If the reverse rotation occurred is not handled in time, it will bring serious consequences to the feed water pump. In reverse rotation, the inlet pressure of the feed water pump fluctuates and the feed water flow drops sharply, causing the low water level protection action of the steam drum. What is more serious is that the rotation speed of the feed water pump soars during the reverse rotation, which will also cause the rapid rise of the bearing temperature, resulting in bearing burning or damage.

Yoyik® CS-3F is a type of rotation speed sensor that specially designed for monitoring reverse speed and zero speed, which can be used to monitor the status of feed water pump and protect the unit.

Reverse Rotation Speed Sensor CS-3F

Advantages of CS-3F for Measuring Reverse Speed
The Yoyik® reverse speed sensor CS-3F has good anti-interference ability, high sensitivity, strong impact resistance and seismic resistance.

Compared with other common CS speed sensors, the reverse speed sensor CS-3F has higher measurement accuracy and smaller fluctuation. The measuring range is wider, and the reverse speed can be measured without touching the power supply. However, other CS speed sensors either need to touch the power supply to measure the speed or cannot measure the reverse speed.

CS-3F Helps Prevent Reverse Rotation of Feed Water Pump
Yoyik® reverse speed sensor CS-3F can be used together with the tachometer JM-D-5KF or speed monitor SZC-04FG to accurately measure the reverse rotation of the feed water pump, output the reverse rotation signal and alarm, and give timely response to the on-site patrol inspectors to better protect the feed water pump unit.

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