How to Replace a New HTD-100-3 LVDT Displacement Sensor to Your Steam Turbine

December 02, 2022
How to Replace a New HTD-100-3 LVDT Displacement Sensor to Your Steam Turbine

As an important part of steam turbine valve control, LVDT displacement sensor needs to monitor its operation or failure at any time to avoid the impact of damage to the displacement sensor on the safety of steam turbine operation.

The general problems that may arise from displacement sensors include:

The coil or rod of displacement sensor is loose due to high ambient temperature and vibration.
The rod and coil are not installed on the same vertical plane, and the coil may be worn through.
Failure of displacement sensor due to poor wiring.

When the displacement sensor fails and needs to be replaced, there are some steps need to be followed. Let's take the HTD-100-3 LVDT as an example to explain how to replace a new LVDT displacement sensor to your steam turbine.

How to Replace a New HTD-100-3 LVDT Displacement Sensor

1. The unit exits the coordinated operation mode. Manually change the opening of a high-voltage control valve, so that the system mistakenly thinks that the control valve acts and other control valves act together.

2. When DEH is putting the power circuit into operation, manually open the control valve and relief valve. When the actuator loses oil pressure, it will automatically close, and the control valve will not act with the change of servo valve command.

3. Connect the new sensor HTD-100-3 to the VCC card terminal strip. During wiring, 3-2-1 shall be connected in sequence and 1-2-3 shall be disassembled in sequence. If the coordination mode is not exited, the regulation system will be greatly disturbed.

4. Manually move the iron core of sensor HTD-100-3 sensor, simulate the full travel switch of the regulating valve, and adjust the zero position and full degree of VCC card to 0~4V according to the commissioning diagram of the servo system.

5. After the adjustment, install the LVDT sensor HTD-100-3 on the control valve, manually send the closing command 0 to the control valve, and then manually close the relief valve of the control valve to ensure that the control valve will not burst open; Send the opening command of the manual control valve, increase it by 3 each time, and gradually open it. When the command increases to 50, adjust the offset of the VCC card to make the difference between A and P meet the requirements.

How to Replace a New HTD-100-3 LVDT Displacement Sensor

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