How To Apply The MFZ High Temperature Cylinder Sealant On Steam Turbine

September 07, 2022
How To Apply The MFZ High Temperature Cylinder Sealant On Steam Turbine

Cylinder sealant MFZ series is used for sealing steam in steam turbine cylinder. Everyone knows that the steam turbine is driven by high temperature steam to rotate the blades. The cylinder is the casing of the steam turbine, which is a closed steam chamber that separates the flow-through part of the steam turbine from the atmosphere. The cylinder is generally divided into upper and lower half, and the joint surface of their connection is what we often call the cylinder split.


Since the cylinder often works under the condition of high temperature and high pressure, its connection must have sufficient strength and stable sealing to avoid steam leakage. Severe steam leaks can cause bearing failures, resulting in unplanned downtime.


Dongfang type Cylinder Sealant MFZ-3 is a sealant designed for use in the joint surface in steam turbine cylinders. It has the characteristics of high temperature resistance and high pressure resistance, so it is also suitable for high temperature sealing of the flange surface of other high temperature furnace pipes.


How to apply the MFZ sealant?

1. First clean the joint surface of the cylinder to remove oil, foreign matter, dust, etc.

2. Stir the sealant well and apply it on the joint surface of the cylinder. The thickness can be 0.5-0.7mm. Be careful not to apply it around the screw holes to prevent the sealant from entering the steam channel.

3. Buckle the cylinder, tighten the bolts and wipe the overflowing sealant from the outer wall.

4. The unit starts up, and the sealant solidifies after the temperature rises.

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