Features and Precautions of PT100 Thermal Resistance RTD Sensor WZPM2-001

October 28, 2022
Features and Precautions of PT100 Thermal Resistance RTD Sensor WZPM2-001

The surface thermal resistance WZPM2-001 is one type of the WZPM series thermal resistance. WZPM2-001 is a double branch thermal resistance. Its element is wound by high-quality micro platinum wire and can be closely attached to the surface.

PT100 Thermal Resistance RTD Sensor WZPM2-001

What is the Feature of the WZPM2-001 Temperature Sensor?

Compared with the general axial thermal resistance, it can more accurately and quickly reflect the actual temperature of the measured surface. It is suitable for measuring the temperature of steam turbine bearing metal surface, other bearings in power plant, and equipment in other shock proof occasions.

The thermal resistance element is protected by stainless steel, and the cable is wrapped with a high temperature resistant sheath made of PTFE. The installation structure matches the internal dimensions of the steam turbine. It has high accuracy, quake-proof, oil resistance, high reliability, reasonable structure and long service life.

Precautions of Using Thermal Resistance RTD WZPM2-001

The WZPM2-001 RTD is installed inside the steam turbine and is the core temperature measuring element for bearing temperature measurement and system protection of the turbine. If the product is damaged, it can only be replaced by lifting the upper cover of the steam turbine.

Pay attention to the following points when using:

  1. 1. Avoid sudden cooling and sudden heating when the thermal resistance is installed.
    2. The specified insertion depth should be reached during use, otherwise the measurement accuracy cannot be guaranteed.
    3. The thermal resistance should be used according to the specified environment and temperature, otherwise the service life and accuracy will be seriously affected.
    4. The upper limit of the measured temperature shall be close to two-thirds of the upper limit of the measuring range. If it works at the upper limit of the measuring range for a long time, its service life may be shortened.
    5. When installing in a high temperature environment, fully consider the high temperature strength of the protection tube and the deformation under high temperature conditions.
    6. The influence of the RTD wire on the measurement accuracy should be considered. The connection line from the thermal resistance to the display instrument or transmitter should be as short as possible and shielded; it should be wired separately from the power line during use, otherwise it will cause interference and affect the stability of the display.

  2. PT100 Thermal Resistance RTD Sensor WZPM2-001

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