Ten Things Need Your Attention When Installing or Using Bladder Accumulators

September 21, 2022
Ten Things Need Your Attention When Installing or Using Bladder Accumulators

As a type of pressure vessel, the bladder accumulator is a relatively dangerous part in the hydraulic system, which needs to be installed and used in strict accordance with regulations to avoid potential safety hazards. Some new users may be unfamiliar with this and do not know the preventive measures during operation. Here Dongfang Yoyik gives you the regular precautions of installing and using accumulator bladders to enhance the service life of hydraulic system.

  • 01 It is forbidden to fill the accumulator with oxygen, which may cause explosion. The accumulator can only be filled with nitrogen.

  • 02 The bladder accumulator can only be installed vertically, which is inconvenient to seal. It needs to be checked carefully after installation. Correct installation and charging are important conditions for the normal operation of the accumulator.

  • Bladder Accumulators

  • 03 It must be guaranteed to be used below the maximum operating pressure. When the operating pressure exceeds the maximum operating pressure value, it may cause damage to the product.

  • 04 When disassembling, the hydraulic pressure and air pressure in the accumulator must be reduced to atmospheric pressure. If the accumulator is disassembled when the pressure in the accumulator is higher than atmospheric pressure, liquid, nitrogen gas and scattered parts may cause personal injury.

  • 05 Machining and modification are prohibited. Thermal processing such as welding (excluding welding flanges), and mechanical processing such as cutting and grinding may cause damage to the accumulator.

  • 06 Heating of the accumulator is prohibited. The nitrogen in the accumulator will form high pressure due to the temperature rise. Heating the accumulator causes the nitrogen pressure in the accumulator to exceed the maximum working pressure, causing damage to the accumulator.

  • 07 Make sure the thread type is the same. Connecting parts with different thread types may damage the thread part when the pressure rises.

  • Bladder Accumulators

  • 08 Do not use the accumulator in corrosive environments. When used in a corrosive environment, it may cause damage to the accumulator.

  • 09 Please use the special fastening jig to fix it. If the amplitude of the product support and the hydraulic circuit are inconsistent, the circuit connection may be damaged. It is necessary to ensure that the centerline of the oil supply and discharge valve and the piping is in a straight line, and then connect the accumulator housing and piping, and fix each connection properly.

  • 10 When discharging nitrogen, keep the head away from the exhaust port, and the work space must be ventilated. Otherwise, bodily injury may be caused by high-pressure air energy and flying garbage. Hypoxia can occur when nitrogen is vented in an airtight or cramped room.

In addition to the above 10 safety precautions, the bladder accumulator also needs careful daily maintenance. The quality and service life of the accumulator and accessories also have an important impact on the hydraulic system. Dongfang Yoyik sells high-quality accumulator spare parts, which have the advantages of oil resistance, acid and alkali resistance, bending resistance, small deformation and high strength, and can work normally within the range of - 10 -+70℃.

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