Application of SHV Series Stainless Steel Stop Valves in Power Plants

October 31, 2022
Application of SHV Series Stainless Steel Stop Valves in Power Plants

As a professional supplier of power plant spare parts, Dongfang Yoyik has the series of SHV stop valves which can be used for many devices in power plant, including SHV4 needle valve, SHV6.4 stop valve, SHV25 stop valve, etc. The SHV series valve plays an important role in opening and closing oil circuit in the following system.

EH Oil System Actuators

SHV4 needle valve is mainly used for EH oil control in steam turbine, installed on the hydraulic manifold block. The high-pressure oil supplied to the actuator flows through the needle valve to the servo valve to operate the actuator. By closing the needle valve, the high-pressure oil circuit can be cut off so that the actuator in this circuit can stop under the operating condition of the steam turbine. Then operators can replace the filters, overhaul or replace the servo valve, quick unloading valve, displacement sensors, etc.

SHV4 needle valve

High-Pressure Accumulator Assembly

SHV6.4 stop valve and SHV25 stop valve are often used in the accumulator assembly. There are two SHV25 stop valves and two SHV6.4 stop valves in the accumulator assembly, each of which forms two independent systems. Close one SHV25 stop valve to isolate the corresponding accumulator from the main pipe, allowing the accumulator to be repaired online. SHV6.4 stop valve is used to discharge the residual oil in the accumulator, and the pressure gauge indicates the working oil pressure of the system.

Pressure Oil Return Circuit

In the pressure oil return circuit, SHV25 stop valve is set before the oil tank and return oil filters. This allows more convenient maintenance and replacement of the return oil filter and oil cooler. Just open the SHV25 stop valve before the oil tank, and close the SHV25 stop valve before the return oil filter. Thus the return oil of the system does not pass through the filter and oil cooler, but directly enters the oil tank. The filter and oil cooler can be replaced.

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