Advantages of Steam Turbine Rotation Speed Monitor DF9011 Pro

November 02, 2022
Advantages of Steam Turbine Rotation Speed Monitor DF9011 Pro

The steam turbine of the power plant rotates at a high speed of 3000R/min during operation. The monitoring of its rotating speed is an important part of the automatic control of steam turbine. There is a special system, called TSI system, which is specially used to monitor turbine speed, overspeed, zero speed, eccentricity and other parameters.

DF9011 PRO rotational speed monitor is a new upgraded product manufactured by YOYIK for rotating machinery speed monitoring.

Steam Turbine Rotation Speed Monitor DF9011 Pro

Compared with other turbine tachometers, DF9011 PRO use high-performance microprocessor chip, which makes its sampling speed reach millisecond level. Therefore, continuous changes of turbine speed can be observed on the display screen in real time. In case of steam turbine speed fluctuation, zero speed or overspeed, DF9011 PRO can also provide accurate measurement values.

DF9011 PRO can set parameters through buttons on the panel. The buttons can conveniently set overspeed alarm, zero speed alarm and tooth number parameters, which can facilitate the monitoring and protection of various rotational speeds.

DF9011 PRO is a multi-functional instrument with functions of speed measurement, two-level alarm, overspeed protection, analog voltage and current output, sensor fault monitoring, alarm query, self-inspection, etc.

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